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The application that will free your hands.

Time is precious.
Engage in Teaching and Gymnastics.
Hire the ultimate Digital Assistant to organize your business.

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Personal Trainners


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Reservation System 24/7

Your appointment plan is available for bookings, changes and cancellations 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. Customer flexibility. Immediate schedule update.

Customer Management

Your customers’ card is organized and updated at your disposal. You know contact details, information, features, preferences, financial data (balances, payments), statistics for your entire clientele.

Reminders via SMS / Email

Remind your staff and customers of their confirmed appointments, changes or cancellations.
Receive updates on your mobile immediately for your best planning.

Decrease of Cancellations & Double Reservations

Minimize the risk of cancellations and untimely updates. Avoid the human error factor and possible double bookings.

Real Time Availability

Your schedule and the room and services availability are at the disposal of your customers, in real time. In this way, they can fill in the gaps, even at the last minute.

Extra way of being promoted

It is an additional way of promoting your business. Another way to advertise it and find new customers.

Staff, Equipment and Facilities Management

Optimize your staff management by learning everything you need effectively. The system will become your assistant for greater schedule flexibility. Finally, it will give you the necessary freedom to balance work with free time.

Marketing tool

Keep your existing customer base in touch with your business. Customers appreciate the value of a digital tool that makes their everyday life easier. Strengthen your brand and the bond with your customers.

At the same time, attract new customers with your digital presence in the platform community.

Online Payment

It is possible for the customer to pay for the programs through the platform.

Free or Low Investment Cost - High Yield

Free service offer to small businesses, so that we can practically support them with a powerful modern digital tool. For the upgraded application features, the cost of the services is formed in 3 different packages, at very competitive prices. The conversion of the investment into sales proves to be profitable and highly rewarding.

Technical Support

We are at your disposal, both to train you in the operation of the application and to solve any technical problem you encounter.

Set goals!
Plan the Exercise, which will help you achieve them!

Choose the Pilates class that suits you.


Schedule your workout smartly, quickly and efficiently.

See the updated program real time and enter your favorite session at any time that suits you!

Choose the day and time that suits you and with one click – put it in your schedule.

Ease of use

Easy to use application where with a few clicks, you have completed your reservation.

Personal Agenda Update

Once your reservation is made successfully, your calendar is automatically updated.

Direct communication

The application notifies you of any changes in your booking, 24/7.

Real Time Availability

You are informed in real time about the services and rooms availability of your choice. Thus, you can find free hours from cancellations, "seizing" the opportunity.

Appointment Reminder

Either by SMS or by Email, you receive a reminder of your appointment. You no longer need to remember everything. We can do it for you.




Start for

Take advantage of our offer and try the application for your business completely free of charge.

When your needs increase, upgrade your program in very competitive prices.



22€/ Monthly*


Unlimited Capabilities

Cluster Service

Course Management

Website Integration

Financial Control


*€20 / Monthly if an annual subscription contract has been signed.

**The above prices do not include 24% VAT.

***Transfer website to our company’s server. Cost upon agreement.


Complete Solutions


Cloud Manager CRM is a software system that leads the business with fast but steady steps into the Future and its development.

Booking Pilates is just one part of its services, and its capabilities give the digital boost needed in the modern and competitive environment of the new reality.

Cloud Manager CRM is a business multi-tool for the owner with which he designs and implements his strategy.

A CRM system is the one that manages customer relationships in the most efficient way, knowing how, giving solutions and offering measurable results.

Customer relations are managed with their digital organization system (customer cards with complete details: photos, documents, etc.), financial & statistical data per customer, complete customer contact information, possibility of loyalty & reward programs, automated marketing campaign messages, etc., in real time.

The possible services offered by Cloud Manager CRM include the real time calendar feature through which the customer has the ability to interact directly, quickly and efficiently with the business. (online appointments, selection of packages per appointment, charge, etc.)

At the same time, it is the ultimate crm tool for service & product management, since it creates service packages, categorizes products based on selection criteria, offers a discount policy, etc. In addition, it provides solutions in HR management.

The crm system contributes substantially to the financial management, since in addition to the registration of income – expenses and accounting practices, it enables the connection of corporate sites & social accounts with banks and online documents in connection with the tax office.

Finally, its statistical qualitative analysis a CRM program offers to the management, the business knowledge needed to make decisions, evaluate their investment and develop new plans.

The success of the application is reflected in practice and is measurable, since in a short period of time you have quality customer experience, customer loyalty, cost reduction and revenue increase.

About Us provides complete business software solutions through specialized applications. Since 2010, the company offers innovative solutions and digital tools for the necessary digital transformation of businesses, which came to change the way we have been operating until today. Our knowledge and many years of experience offer custom solutions to facilitate the daily life of the owner and the positive experience of his client.

We are the first to bring to the market the Booking Pilates application, targeted at the needs of Pilates, Yoga Studios, Personal Training and for all gyms that operate with scheduled appointments and reservations. Get started for free!

For the Organization, Optimization and Success of Studio Pilates comes with an innovative solution that automates their operating processes and dramatically increases their bookings and profits. Free on their first steps!


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